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Family Law

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Family Law

Family Law

Nothing is more important in life than a strong, secure and stable family relationship. The nature of family relationships has changed over time which has altered the dynamic of these relationships.

Unfortunately, there has also been an increase with issues with familial relationships which in turn requires consideration of parenting arrangements, property ownership, asset distribution and division.

Some common questions and issues are:-

  • Have you separated or are you about to separate from a marriage or relationship?
  • What does separation mean in relation to property and children?
  • How do I know what I will be entitled to receive in the way of financial support and property
  • Where will the children live and who will pay financial support for them?
  • Can we avoid going to Court and what other options are available?
  • What does it mean by going to Court and how much will it cost?

We provide specialist advice in relation to Family Law issues and can offer guidance and support into all of these questions and more.

We believe that once clients are properly advised in relation to their options, alternatives in entitlements will be assisted to be able to resolve their issues and take some of the burden out of handling relationship breakdowns.

We believe in a pragmatic and practical approach to these issues and encourage where appropriate settlement by negotiation or through mediation as an alternative to Court proceedings.

Stephen Bray is an accredited Family Law Specialist with over 20 years experience and has assisted clients with family law issues since the Family Law Backed commenced in 1975.

If you require assistance with family law issues, contact Stephen Bray or Linsey Wilson in our family law team to arrange an appointment.

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