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Employment Law Article

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Employment Law Article


The employment relationship is one of the most significant components of day-to-day life for both employers and employees. Like any relationship, issues often arise that require diligent, quick and practical attention.

These issues include:- termination, performance, redundancy, dismissal, bullying, discrimination, entitlements, conditions, rights, awards, Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, contracts, retraining and human resources issues.

MRM Lawyers provide specialist assistance and advice in relation to these issues for employers and employees including representation in the Fair Work Commission, the Industrial Relations Commission, Local, District and Supreme Courts and have experience with providing advice with regard to the assistance that can be given by the WorkCover Authority, WorkCover Independent Review Office and the Workplace Employment Ombudsman.

It is important that these issues are dealt with quickly as there are stringent time limits that must be adhered to and if you require assistance we want you to contact Wayne Dever to arrange an appointment.


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